EPISODE:      Travelling Abroad
LANGUAGE:      Spanish Math
TITLE:      Let's take a trip around the world
NAME:      Diaz
ADAPTATION:      By means of a floor map with South America depicted on it, the students will have a budget
on which they can travel to different countries. They will need to label and name the capitals of the countries they want to go to and budget their travel, as the cost of flights will vary in from country to country.
EXTENSION:       The use of currency exchange through the means of dialogue and a conversion table.
RATIONALE:      The students will not only learn the geographical location of the countries and capitals, but will also learn the value of each nation's monetary system.
[Reference: Curtain & Pesola (1993). Language and Children: Making the Match, p. 242.]
CORRELATION:      This activity will expand cultural awareness of the countries. Making travel arrangements is not only informative, but meaningful.

2EPISODE: Seeing/going to Soccer Matches in Spain LANGUAGE: Spanish Physical Education TITLE: World Cup '82 ADAPTATION: You're going back in arrive in Spain for the Soccer m Through the use of language-experience activity, the students wi C:\ADPT#ED.93 Doc 1 Pg 1 Ln 1.36" Pos 1" dialogue explaining how they will buy tickets. EXTENSION: The students can study the different geographical locations of t where the matches will take place. RATIONALE: Dialogues are of value in the elementary school because they pro structure for a series of utterances that combine to develop a m idea. CORRELATION: The use of dialogues in the context can provide an infinite amou cultural knowledge. 3EPISODE: Trip to the jungle (role play) LANGUAGE: Spanish Science TITLE: Welcome to the Jungle ADAPTATION: Students play the role of various animals that inhabit the rain Through the use of pictures and labels, the students identify th appropriate habitat and feeding habits. EXTENSION: Create a schematic web consistent with their animal identify and condition. RATIONALE: Through the use of role playing, students expand their cultural of indigenous life forms that inhabit the jungle. Language and Making the Match, p. 124. CORRELATION: Role playing uses imagination to create a culturally embedded ba information making the task informative and meaningful.

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