Test HTML page

This part is an example of font face and color codings and words in italics

The HTML test page is an attempt to illustrate what I have been able to learn and master (??) about web page construction. As I get control of new techniques, I will revise the FLE and Gurney home pages, as appropriate.


Sample background

  There are some WYSIWYG features but they're kept to a minimum. They're used only when they provide a pronounced advantage - even then, a number of the WYSIWYG features are optional. For example, an option is provided for formatting the HTML tags as red, hidden text and formatting the URLs as blue, underlined text. If this option is selected, the tags will immediately be formatted and you can then more easily distinguish tags from text and you can also choose to either view or "hide" the HTML tags at any time.

Sample Image Source (IMG SRC)

The program is designed for HTML authors who prefer a quick and easy way to...
Enter the tags themselves during the creation of HTML documents
Work in what is basically a Non-WYSIWYG environment