In this section of my web site, I would like to offer teachers the opportunity to examine  a variety of perspectives about common issues that continually seem to be evoked in conversations, workshops, classrooms and, of course, on FLTEACH.   Looking over many of the messages on FLTEACH, I have been tempted to response to individual ones.   However, that takes more time that I am willing to spend.   With "The Doctor is In", I'd like to offer some reactions and perspectives with regard to the common element(s) underlying many similar messages.   The "Doctor" can assure you that he has had to deal with most of these in his own teaching as well as in working with many foreign language education student teachers who have successfully completed the professional foreign language program in the College of Education here at the University of Central Florida.

There is an interesting page for ESL teachers, Dave's ESL Cafe
where they can send ideas to an ever expanding list.   I'd like to include that aspect into this section, as well.

First, I am going to set up a FAQSU section
Frequently Asked Questions Still Unresolved

In that section, I will summarize my position on the issue and provide a quick and workable tip for dealing with it.   My EMail address is listed below so that question(s) or feedback on some of my tips can come to me directly.   See, also, materials linked on the Foreign Language Education Home Page

This page is under construction, but coming along!

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