Video of some missing children/How you can help rescue them

Video: missing
A rapid presentation of over 100 pictures of missing persons from several missing and exploited children sites. If you recognize any of them, look for their picture on the composite picture below. Write down the identification number, and call your local law enforcement agency or the FBI.

Rescuing Missing Children

DISCOVER A LANGUAGE is an encouragement for students, k-16, to get involved with the identification and rescue of missing children who are, most likely, enrolled in a school in this country, or have been at some time during their disappearance.

If you would spend just an hour or so one week to look at one of the state sites for missing and exploited children and download their posters to share with others in your school, you and others who do so would provide attention to many, many, missing children. Most especially, their faces would receive the attention of a very broad audience. I want to set up a site at the University of Central Florida where these pictures can be sent so that I can build a larger database. This will help me create a longer video and publicize even more faces of the missing. Thanks for your help.

Composite of pictures on video
Still working on this picture! The pictures on the video are of missing children

from Georgia, Alabama, Texas and New York. Look for any that you may recognize on the video at any of those state sites for missing and exploited children. If the face of one or the other does not show up, it may be that the person has been found, safe or otherwise.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Other links of organizations involved in the search for missing children will be placed on this site as soon as possible.

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